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clothes fashions and well

Although blue was the color set for bridal ensembles, her Royal Highness still preferred to wear white on her wedding day in 1840. Princess Diana, on the other hand, wore white shoes on her wedding to Prince Charles. It was a pair of low heeled flat footwear with pearl encrusted on the ivory silk.

Fitted sheets with elasticated or shaped corners are another matter! The way to solve this problem is to turn two corners inside out and fit them into the opposite corners: ie, bottom-left corner into top-left corner and bottom-right corner into top-right corner. Now fold in the two edges, (the bits that go down and under the sides of the mattress) Repeat with the top edge, bringing this downwards until you are left with a rectangular shape, with all the shaped edges neatly flattened, you may need to make a sort of pleat in the corners. Fold the sheet again until it becomes the correct size for your airing cupboard or linen press..

Because clothing covers at least 90% of your body, it will have the most impact on how others view you. Your choice of clothing also determines whether or not you will fit into the "inner culture", by demonstrating your level of knowledge and respect for the industry's/company's standards. Always dress conservatively and your clothing will never do the talking for you!.

Also, if you really want to look European, go for darker (rather than white) sneakers. Better yet, wear Birkenstocks (popular especially in Germany), sandals, flats, semi- formal shoes, loafers, Mary Jane type shoes,low pumps (for business or formal settings)or oxfords. Don't wear flip flops; people in Europe rarely wear them (except maybe at the pool).

This is the first thing to consider. For a ceremony taking place in an open garden venue with no tiling on the floor, it is advisable not to wear a bridal dress with a long trailing. Wearing this kind of dress will most certainly be messy as the tail of the dress will carry dirt and grasses as the bride walks..

The Bateau neckline is a high neckline that has almost no "scoop" to it at all. These necklines sometimes have a high back to them, but also can have a low or no back at all. There are a few styles of necklaces that are nicely worn with the bateau neckline.

These are for the procrastinators who can't be bothered by the sounds of other humans. On this floor if someone sneezes instead of a "bless you" they are banished to the first floor where that sort of hooliganism is tolerated. But please make yourself aware of the shortened hours (closes by 6pm) on Saturdays.

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