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Nautica Watches Inspired by the High Seas

As the name suggests, Nautica watches are inspired by all things nautical - the high seas and activities associated with sailing. The Nautica brand was founded in 1983 by David Chu and was originally geared towards sailing. Chu began with only one product which was a range of mens sailing jackets. Nautica quickly became popular and feeling that the brand product line had potential to be extended, decided to design a range of Nautica watches which were launched in 1994.

Nautica Watches High Style and Technology

Nautica watches are renowned for their exciting designs, right at the cutting edge of technology with innovative and highly functional designs. The brand aims to convey that every wearer can feel like they are experiencing their own unique adventure in the great outdoors. Although inspired by the sea, these are the perfect watches style and function-wise for a general on-the-go lifestyle.

Nautica Watches The Collections

There are a wide variety of Nautica watch styles, all of which have been designed to look visually striking and appealing on the wrist in addition to being highly functional for everyday use. Some of the designs are more classically fashionable whereas others focus on a sportier inspired aesthetic. Most Nautica watches are for men and feature large clock faces with multiple sub dials which makes the watches easy to read whilst on the move and provide extra function ability including being dust resistant and displaying a variety of time zones. The watches also feature functions such as water resistance and lit dials to read the time in the dark. The collection of Nautica watches for women feature the same quality and durability, with an added touch of softer elegance and femininity.

There are three main collections replica panerai of Nautica watches which include the Nautica Chronograph Watches, the Nautica Yachtimer Watches and the Nautica Classic Watches. Each type of watch has its own distinctive features and functions.

Nautica Chronograph watches feature bold and statement designs which are enhanced by high quality movements and reliable accuracy. Some of these Nautica Watches are geared more towards a sleeker and striking aesthetic whereas some are more innovatively functional.

Nautica Yachtimer Watches comprise of a range of sea and water orientated marine watches ideal for water sports or activity. The visual style of these watches is sleek and versatile and look equally great when worn on an everyday basis.

Nautica Classic Watches feature bold and visually striking designs to enhance quality movements. Geared more towards style, these watches are ideal for both day and evening wear.

Nautica watches have become popular in the industry due to their ability to look buy panerai watchs fantastic and also serve a functional purpose. With durability, the ability to endure the physical environment and high on the style factor, Nautica watches are the perfect way to accessorise your adventures on or off the sea!


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